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Every person is individually unique, and therefore a holistic approach to well-being addresses the specific needs of each person on an individual basis. I offer private, individual consultations for those who wish to explore an herbal approach to their specific health concerns.

Consultations begin with the completion of a comprehensive intake form by the client, followed by a discussion either in person, via phone, or through e-mail, so I can assess your particular needs and concerns. I will then provide you with herbal guidance in the form of educational and informational literature, and I will create a personalized herbal formula blend for you in your choice of either tea or tincture.

Consultations are $60 for the first, and $40 each thereafter.

Mini-consult: I also offer a less in-depth consultation for people who want to address a single acute complaint (i.e. a recent injury or illness) and for those not familiar with herbal medicine who simply want to give it a try. Mini-consults include a brief health history related to the particular issue to be addressed, and also include a personalized herbal formula blend for you in your choice of either tea or tincture. Cost: $25 per mini-consult.

Please contact me if you are interested in a personal consultation.


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